Poster presentations: Investigations

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MR T2-relaxation time as an indirect measure of brain water accumulation in Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders

Young Investigator
Laura Cacciaguerra
Milan, Italy

Brain volume loss occurs at rate of normal aging in patients with multiple sclerose who have a ‘no evidence of disease activity’ status

Miguel D'haeseleer
Brussels, Belgium

Serum neurofilaments predict recovery after acute optic neuritis

Winner Young Investigator Award
Young Investigator
Gloria Dalla Costa
Milan, Italy

Patterns of cortical grey matter thickness reduction in multiple sclerosis

Juichi Fujimori
Sendai, Japan

Retinal neuro-axonal loss parallels global disability accrual in progressive multiple sclerosis independently from disease activity

Young Investigator
Simone Guerrieri
Milan, Italy

Structural constraints of functional connectivity drive cognitive impairment in the early stages of multiple sclerosis

Young Investigator
Ismail Koubiyr
Bordeaux, France

Functional and structural visual pathway alterations in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis mouse model

Young Investigator
Silvia Marenna
Milan, Italy

The cerebellar peduncle lesion as an age-independent feature of MOG antibody associated disease

Young Investigator
Yuki Matsumoto
Sendai, Japan

The relationship between cerebellar volume, clinical disability and cognitive changes in MS patients

Young Investigator
Onural Ozturk
Kocaeli, Turkey

The effect of peripheral inflammation on cortical lesions is independent of blood brain barrier integrity

Berenice Anabel Silva
Buenos Aires, Argentina

SWI enhances vein detection using UPSIO in multiple sclerosis

Young Investigator
Li-Jie Zhang
Fujian, China