Specific Terms & Conditions for Subscriptions

General provisions

  • These specific terms and conditions are additional to the general terms and conditions of SEAUTON BVBA (vaartdijk 3 box 002, 3018 Leuven, VAT BE0464 882 990, assigned administrative and operational secretariat of the European Charcot Foundation). The General terms and conditions of SEAUTON BVBA can be consulted on its website: www.seauton-international.com. However, to the extent of conflict between the General terms and conditions of SEAUTON BVBA the present Specific Terms and Conditions, the Specific Terms and Conditions shall govern.
  • When registering, the subscriber agrees with these Specific Terms & Conditions.
  • If one or more provisions of these Specific Terms & Conditions is invalid or nullified the remaining provisions shall continue to apply in full. In that case SEAUTON and the subscriber shall consult and agree new provisions to replace the provision(s) that are invalid or nullified, wherever possible taking due account of the object and scope of the invalid or nullified provisions.
  • These Specific Terms & Conditions are governed by Belgian law. Disputes concerning these Specific Terms & Conditions shall be heard exclusively by the competent court of LEUVEN.

Subscription to the digital content of the European Charcot Foundation

The subscription includes access to ‘password’ protected webpages of the website of the European Charcot Foundation (www.charcot-ms.org).

The subscription is valid for the period included in the confirmation email upon subscription and will be maximum 12 months. Renewal of the subscription is possible.

At regular time intervals, the European Charcot Foundation will announce which digital learning material/content will be published on these ‘password’ protected webpages. This could be: webinars, lecture recordings, articles, etc.

To access live webinars, an additional, free registration will be necessary for CME accreditation purposes.

Subscription fee is €89 for 12 months (VAT included).

A subscription is strictly individual and personal and cannot be transferred to another person. Sharing your log-in details is therefore not allowed.

Cancellation policy

After receipt of the confirmation of the subscription, 100% cancellation costs apply (no refunds).

Cancellation of the subscription have to be made in writing to the Secretariat via secretariat@charcot-ms.org upon which the Secretariat will remove your entry from the subscribers database.

Permission to contact

The subscriber agrees that his/her (online) presence will be monitored and registered, including name, institutions and e-mail address.

ECF uses and processes these data for the purpose of optimizing its services, answering your requests, for executing contracts that have been concluded with the subscriber and for technical administration. Subscribers can be contacted by the Secretariat with regards to their subscription

Intellectual property rights

It is prohibited to record, reproduce or transmit by any means whatsoever the digital content without prior approval in writing by ECF.

It is prohibited to view the digital content with more than 3 viewers using one single log-in without prior approval of the European Charcot Foundation.

CME Accreditation

For specific digital content, the Secretariat will submit an application to the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) for CME accreditation. This will be announced on the website of the European Charcot Foundation.

If the CME credits are awarded, the criteria to receive a certificate of participation, allowing to claim the CME Credits, will be announced at the website (fe: monitoring of watching behavior, successful completion of an online survey, …).

Subscribers agree that it’s the exclusive right of the Secretariat to establish the criteria and to monitor whether or not subscribers fulfill the criteria to be issued a certificate. Appeal to the decision of the Secretariat have to be submitted in writing to the Secretariat and will be treated by the Scientific Committee of the European Charcot Foundation.


The content managers of the digital content or any other person involved in its production are not liable for any cancellation of announced webinars or other forms of digital content.


If one or more provisions of this Specific Terms & Conditions is found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable (in whole or in part), the remainder of the provision and of this Specific Terms & Conditions shall not be affected and shall continue in full force and effect as if the invalid, illegal or unenforceable provision(s) had never existed.