Mystery Solved Project

A new initiative aiming to obtain research material to study the causes of MS supported by ECF.

By promoting an international network through which MS experts are alerted to send rare pathological material such as biopsies and autopsies to specific laboratories with expertise in genetic/virological research, the Mystory Solved Project aims to obtain better and more research material to study the causes of MS.

The ECF supports this new initiative with help in the creation of a multidisciplinary cooperation network and the search for funding by the pharmaceutical industry and from EU insitutions (e.g. EU projects).

The first step is to create awareness with MS experts and clinical neurologists encountering cases of tumefactive MS or patients in a preterminal MS phase where biopsy/autopsy could be an option and to define the guidelines and practical steps to lead this biopsy/autopsy in the right direction, so that it eventually can serve for common research.

Watch on demand the Mystery Solved Project held virtually from Tuesday, 5 to Friday 8 July, 2022.

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Contact info: Dr Patrick Vanderdonckt