The MS International Federation is a unique global network of MS organisations, people affected by MS, volunteers and staff from around the world.

When MSIF was founded over 50 years ago in 1967, there were only a handful of MS organisations in the world.

Now, the movement reaches more than 100 countries, with 48 members and links to many other MS organisations in all corners of the globe.


The MS International Federation is an observer of the MS Initiatives.

As a movement, MSIF campaigns for increased awareness of MS, supports scientific developments and improves access to treatments and healthcare. Through capacity building, campaigning, and information resources, MSIF supports and collaborates with organisations in countries where there is limited provision for people with MS. The global MSIF movement works together to improve the quality of life of everybody affected by MS.

MSIF's Atlas of MS shows that around 2.3 million people worldwide are living with MS. Many of these people have little access to support or treatment. For people with MS and their families, access to care and trustworthy information are vital. Just as important is the knowledge that scientists around the world are working every day to develop better MS treatments, and the movement is working to remove the barriers that prevent people getting them. MSIF helps to make this happen, both directly and through its member organisations.

In recent years international collaboration in the movement has grown in ambition. Through initiatives such as the International Progressive MS Alliance, the PROMS Initiative, World MS Day and Kiss Goodbye to MS, the movement has committed to do whatever is needed to improve quality of life with MS.

As the global MSIF movement, together MSIF tackles the big challenges for people affected by MS, in countries rich and poor. For people living with MS today it will improve quality of life, and ultimately it will end MS forever.

The MSFI McDonald Fellowships and Du Pré Grants are OPEN!

The MSIF McDonald Fellowships (2 years) and Du Pré Grants (6 months) are open for MS clinicians and MS researchers from low- and middle-income countries.

Check the requirements in English, French, Spanish, or Arabic and apply.

The deadline is Thursday, 30 June 2022.

More information can be found at