MS in the 21st Century

MS in the 21st Century (MS21) is an international steering group of healthcare professionals and people living with MS.

Through working closely together, MS21 hopes to improve communication in MS care to:

  • support the development of stronger and more trusting HCP-patient relationships
  • facilitate more effective shared decision-making
  • and ultimately develop resources to help to improve the overall standard of MS care.

Building on work focusing on improving communication between healthcare professionals and people living with MS, in 2019 and 2020, MS21 is also interested in further exploring the impact that family dynamics and interactions can have on patient satisfaction with care, and the decisions that they ultimately make regarding it.

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Help shape future MS21 programmes

All of MS21's work is based on original data and insights collected from real people in the worldwide MS community.

So, if you are a person with MS, a healthcare professional involved in MS care, or a carer or family member, please take the survey, share your thoughts on this topic, and shape future MS21 programmes.

Latest news

Read MS21's latest manuscript "Joint Healthcare Professional and Patient Development of Communication Tools to Improve the Standard of MS Care", published in Advances in Therapy.

The publication of the paper coincided with ECTRIMS early September, and describes the rationale, research and unique development process that led to the making of two communication tools, myMS priorities and myMS commitments. You can download the paper and both of these tools from