MS Brain Health

MS Brain Health is calling for a radical change in the management of multiple sclerosis because time matters at every stage of the disease.

The initiative emerged from the publication of an evidence-based international consensus report, Brain health: time matters in multiple sclerosis.

This report was developed by a group of clinicians, researchers, specialist nurses, health economists and representatives from patient organizations. It describes a strategy to maximize lifelong ‘brain health’ in people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and includes recommendations on how to achieve this goal, grouped under three overarching themes.

  1. Minimize delays in diagnosis of MS and in the time to treatment initiation.
  2. Set goals for treatment and ongoing management that will optimize outcomes for every person with MS.
  3. Consult the most robust evidence base possible when making treatment and management decisions.

In 2018 MS Brain Health published a set of consensus standards for the MS care pathway to support these recommendations.

These standards were developed by a global group of MS specialists, in consultation with allied health professionals and patients, and the current objective of MS Brain Health is to encourage widespread adoption of these standards.