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In cooperation with the Dresden International University.

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In spring 2022, Prof. Dr. Giancarlo Comi, President of the European Charcot Foundation, the experienced neurologist and recognized multiple sclerosis expert Prof. Dr. med. Tjalf Ziemssen and Dresden International University have entered into a close cooperation to jointly offer the first international part-time multiple sclerosis master programme. The master's degree programme is the only comprehensive and curricular continuing education programme in the world that allows professionals to specialize in multiple sclerosis management at the master's level.

The feedback from the participants and lecturers of the first German-speaking matriculation course is very positive and shows that the course concept is working well and that the course objectives are being met. The first pioneer study programme was presented in the Brain Science Paper of 2021: "Innovation in Digital Education: Lessons Learned from the Multiple Sclerosis Management Master´s Program".

Actually this successful study programme concept merges with the concentrated expertise of the European Charcot Foundation Board, and thus with the highest-ranking MS researches of Europe, Asia and America. With the network of the European Charcot Foundation, the program is ready for successful internationalization.

The first study intake is planned in November 2022 on the Annual Meeting of the European Charcot Foundation in Baveno, Italy!

The scientific programme is currently updated by the Scientific Committee under the direction of the European Charcot Foundation. You can apply for the first international intake as well as for the scholarship programmes starting from June.

We are continuously updating information on this homepage as well as on the homepage of the Dresden International University

Innovation in education: the course concept

The study approach of placing a single disease entity - multiple sclerosis - at the center of a master's degree programme to train MS specialists represents a novelty within the medical training landscape. This is due to fact that no structured and industry-independent continuing education program centered around MS has existed until now. Although MS as a chronic and/or episodic neurological disease with heterogeneous symptoms and courses is very complex and, moreover, significant innovations in diagnosis and treatment have been achieved in recent years.

The program is designed to give students the opportunity to become MS specialists despite having challenging full-time jobs as the predominant part of the programme is organized with the help of a cloud-based digital hub mainly virtually in the form of lectures, expert discussions, tutorials, case conferences or journal clubs. The programme consists of four semesters. Approximately 1-2 face-to-face visits are scheduled per semester, organized around important professional events such as ECTRIM or the Annual Meeting of the European Charcot Foundation. An important study component is the visits to selected MS centers, to put the course content into practice in job shadowing, practical workshops and hands-on units.

Module overview

  • Module 1: Theoretical Principles
  • Module 2: Clinical & Diagnostic Aspects
  • Module 3: Studies & Statistics
  • Module 4: Therapy I
  • Module 5: Therapy II
  • Module 6: Monitoring & Documentation
  • Master's thesis: Master's Thesis

More details on each module can be found on DIU: Charcot Multiple Sclerosis Master (M.Sc.) (

Timetable for modules in MSM master's programme with indication of ECTS credits

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