Poster Viewing Sessions

Four poster viewing sessions are organized during the 31st Annual Meeting.

Thursday, 9 November 2023

12:30 - 13:30Poster Viewing Session I - Clinical + Epidemiology
17:15 - 18:15Poster viewing II - Treatment + Investigations Part 1

Friday, 10 November 2023

10:00 - 10:30Poster Viewing Session III - Basic Studies
13:00 - 14:00Poster viewing IV - Treatment + Investigations Part 2

During those sessions, our Young Investigators, ECF Fellows and Investigators will present their posters to the jury onsite. E-posters will be also available for consultation on the ECF website.

The winners of the 3 Young Investigators Awards (one Award per category) will be announced on Friday, 10 November 2023 from 17:20 - 17:30.

The winners will also present their posters during the Young Investigators Awards presentations which will be held on Saturday, 11 November 2023 from 10:30 - 11:00.

Title Location
12:30 - 13:30
Poster Viewing Session I - Clinical + Epidemiology
-- ID 2: MACSiMiSE-BRAIN: a multi-centre randomised placebo controlled clinical trial
Anna-Victoria De Keersmaecker
-- ID 11: Assessing the risk of relapse after in vitro fertilization in women with MS
Marie Mainguy
-- ID 21: Social Outcomes as a Measure of Recovery in Patients with Early Onset MS
Julian Lui
-- ID 23: Teriflunomide adherence in multiple sclerosis
Vincent van Pesch
-- ID 30: Cognitive Correlates of Apathy in Multiple Sclerosis: an 8-year longitudinal study
Mariachiara Gaita
-- ID 31: Premature thymic involution in MS and other autoimmune diseases
Wein-Na Jin
-- ID 33: Does MSWS-12, patient-reported outcome of walking ability, mirror ataxic symptoms?
Lina Anderhalten
Sofia Ntymenou
Sofia Ntymenou
-- ID 37: Cancer risk in MS: a 10-year nationwide study
Chloé Pierret
-- ID 38: PRIMUS: Reusing research data as decision support for precision medicine in MS
Stanislas Demuth
-- ID 44: Phase 3 REMODEL I/II Trials: Efficacy, Safety & Tolerability of Remibrutinib in RMS
Prof. Xavier Montalban
-- ID 47: Remibrutinib’s Safety Across Immune-Mediated Diseases Supports Development in MS
Prof. Xavier Montalban
-- ID 54: TRACK-MS: A new test to detect cognitive impairment in different subtypes of MS
Ms Daniela Taranu
-- ID 60: Epidemiological Trends and Disease Burden of Multiple Sclerosis from 1990 to 2019
Sara Samadzadeh​
-- ID 61: MOGAD Patient Spectrum: Insights from a Turkish Single-Center Study
Abdulkadir Tunç
-- ID 62: Fenebrutinib in multiple sclerosis–results from the phase II FENopta study
Prof. Dr Amit Bar-Or
-- ID 65: Validation of protein-MS associations by Mendelian randomisation in a large cohort
Shannon Bernard Healey
-- ID 67: Late Onset Multiple Sclerosis, Clinical Characteristics of a Mexican Group
Diana Gomez
-- ID 69: Decoding cognitive dysfunction in multiple sclerosis: role of brainstem atrophy
Eline Van Doninck
-- ID 71: Progressive multiple sclerosis: identifying distinct cognitive-affective profiles
Angela Boschetti
17:15 - 18:15
Poster Viewing Session II - Treatment + Investigations Part 1
-- ID 10: Circadian rhythm and interferon safety in multiple sclerosis
Dr Mehdi Maghbooli
-- ID 15: Safety and Efficacy of Tolebrutinib in RMS Participants: 3-Year Results
Dr Jiwon Oh
-- ID 16: MRI Outcomes from the LTS Study of Tolebrutinib in RMS Participants: 3-Year Results
Dr Jiwon Oh
-- ID17: Real-life outcome of teriflunomide treatment and its predictors in RRMS patients
Hongmei Tan
Louise Moelgaard
-- ID 26: Health-related effects in multiple sclerosis during functional training
Charlotte Klump
-- ID 27: Phase 3 trials of evobrutinib in relapsing MS: Design and baseline characteristics
Prof. Xavier Montalban
-- ID28: Long term (5-year) efficacy and safety of evobrutinib in patients with relapsing MS
Prof. Xavier Montalban
-- ID34: Effect of Evobrutinib on Vitality, Mental Health, and Fatigue in relapsing MS
Prof. Patrick Vermersch
-- ID 40: Patient preference and real-world outcomes of diroximel fumarate therapy in RRMS
Angela Guerra
-- ID 41: SISTER – Subcutaneous: Observational study on TYSABRI® Patient Preference
Angela Guerra
-- ID 42: Remibrutinib Ameliorates CNS Autoimmune Disease - Insights From EAE
Virginia DeLasHeras
-- ID 43: Remibrutinib Inhibits Neuroinflammation Driven by B cells and Myeloid Cells in EAE
Virginia DeLasHeras
Title Location
10:00 - 10:30
Poster Viewing Session III - Basic Studies
-- ID 5: The immunometabolic landscape of bone marrow cells in multiple sclerosis
Caiyun Qi
-- ID 6: The influence of dopamine on the monocyte-induced Th17-immune response in MS
Dr Mikhail Melnikov
-- ID 7: IRAK-M suppresses microglial NLRP3 inflammasome activation and pyroptosis in EAE
Bingtian Xu
-- ID 8: Reduced Aβ amyloid deposits relate to inflammation & neuronal survival in MS cortex
Dr Jonathan Pansieri
-- ID 9: Myelopoiesis and its therapeutic implication in multiple sclerosis
Kaibin Shi
-- ID 12: Physiological & inflammation induced aging impairs human oligodendroglial function
Ms Farina Windener
-- ID 13: APOE Bearing Astrocytic Extracellular Vesicles Alleviates NMOSD
Xindi Li
-- ID 14: Connexin hemichannel blockade ameliorates EAE by suppressing glial inflammation
Ezgi Ozdemir Takase
-- ID 24: CSF CHIT1 predicts disability progression and reflects microglia activation in MS
Stijn Swinnen
-- ID 45: Halting Brain Inflammation and Degeneration by Antagonizing FPR1
Prof. Fu-Dong Shi
-- ID 51: Immunoglobulin Deposition in the Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Spinal Cord
Andrew Lockhart
-- ID 53: Aberrant iron deposition in the MS spinal cord relates to neurodegeneration
Dr Marco Pisa
-- ID 58: Anodal tDCS promotes remyelination in the cuprizone model
Ms Elena Rossi
-- ID 59: Candidate MS progression associated genes in human stem cell-derived neural models
Mollie McKeon
-- ID 73: Transcorneal Electrical Stimulation modulates visual function in vivo
Dr Valerio Castoldi
13:00 - 14:00
Poster Viewing Session IV - Treatment + Investigations Part 2
-- ID 46: An evidence based Global MS Patient Charter created by a multi-stakeholder alliance
Pauline Gieseler
-- ID 48: Retrospective data analysis of a German cladribine cohort from MS treatment centres
Michael Ernst
-- ID 50: Evoked potentials to predict rehabilitation outcome in progressive MS
Alessandro Gradassi
-- ID 56: Extended interval dosing with ocrelizumab in multiple sclerosis
Dr Frederik Novak Stenstad
-- ID 57: Treatment switch from OFA to OCR in RMS: Two case reports
Tanja Maler
-- ID 63: Myelin PET imaging of cervical spinal cord is associated with disability in MS
Milena Pitombeira
-- ID 64: Lymphopenia in DMF: Are there characteristics that can predict its occurrence?
Diana Gomez
-- ID66: Vulnerability of thalamic nuclei at CSF interface during the entire course of MS
Dr Ismail Koubiyr
-- ID 68: Reference FLAIR lesion volumes for the follow up of MS patients
Annemie Ribbens
-- ID 70: EEG markers of cognitive involvement in MS: Event-Related Potentials to the SDMT
Marta Tacchini
-- ID 72: Remote digital Symbol-Digit Modalities Test in pwMS: Validity and Reliability
Mr Michelangelo Dini
13:00 - 14:00
Poster Viewing Session I - Clinical + Epidemiology
-- ID 52: Longitudinal MRI structural and cognitive measures in MOGAD and MS
Dr Valentina Camera
17:20 - 17:30
Announcement Young Investigator Award Winners
Title Location
10:30 - 11:00
Young Investigator Awards