Poster presentations: Clinical

21 Posters

Pregnancy safety outcomes in subcutaneous interferon-beta-exposed patients with multiple sclerosis: Results from GCC region

Amir Boshra
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Diffuse B giant cell lymphoma associated with fingolimod treatment in Multiple Sclerosis: a case report

Young Investigator
Adriana Casallas Vanegas
Chia, Colombia

Concomitant onset of Multiple Sclerosis and celiac disease: association or new disease entity?

Young Investigator
Gaia Cola
Rome, Italy

Stable vs. Silent progressive Multiple Sclerosis: A real world retrospective clinical imaging Brazilian study

Young Investigator
Raquel Custódio Da Silveira
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Identifying distinct cognitive phenotypes in multiple sclerosis

Young Investigator
Ermelinda De Meo
Milan, Italy

The Concurrence of Multiple Sclerosis and Glioma

Young Investigator
Sophie Elands
Brussels, Belgium

A Genome-Wide Association Study highlights a possible involvement of mast cells and neutrophils in disease activity in multiple sclerosis

Young Investigator
Antonino Giordano
Milan, Italy

Autonomic nervous system abnormalities may predict cardiovascular changes after initiation of siponimod in the treatment of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis

Mario Habek
Zagreb, Croatia

CogEval project: tackling unmet multiple sclerosis-related cognitive challenges

Andres Labiano
Madrid, Spain

A real-world study characterizing symptoms and impacts of fatigue in US adults with relapsing multiple sclerosis using a novel disease specific scale

Lindsey Lair
Titusville, United States

Efficacy of high-intensity aerobic exercise on fatigue, walking, and quality of life in people with multiple sclerosis: A randomized controlled trial

Winner Young Investigator Award
Young Investigator
Martin Langeskov-Christensen
Aarhus, Denmark

Interrelation between INF-γ levels and severity of electrodiagnostic abnormality in acute phase of Bell’s palsy

Mehdi Maghbooli
Zanjan, Iran

Information in Multiple Sclerosis: do people with MS want to know about their disease?

Young Investigator
Elisa Matias Vieira de Melo
São Paulo, Brazil

Central and peripheral (CCDP) demyelination in a patient with MOGAD disease(MOG Antibody disease)

Young Investigator
Konstantinos Melanis
Athens, Greece

Clinical utility of the Processing Speed Test in patients with multiple sclerosis

Yusei Miyazaki
Sapporo, Japan

Clinical relapse rates in relapsing multiple sclerosis patients treated with the BTK inhibitor evobrutinib: results of an open-label extension to a Phase II study

Xavier Montalban
Barcelona, Spain

Clinical characteristics of patients with late-onset NMOSD in a Japanese cohort

Young Investigator
Akihiro Nakajima
Niigata, Japan

A study of developing standard data of cognitive function using Processing Speed Test in Japanese healthy volunteers

Masaaki Niino
Sapporo, Japan

Predominant cognitive phenotypes in MS: insights from patient-centered outcomes (PCOs)

Young Investigator
Jessica Podda
Genua, Italy

Anti-NMDAR autoimmune encephalitis in Covid-19 pneumonia patient

Young Investigator
Erasmo Ramos
Mexico City, Mexico

Serum Immunoglobulin Levels and Infections in Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

Heinz Wiendl
Münster, Germany