All the recordings of the 26th Annual Meeting are online now

Nov 20, 2018

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XXV Opening Lecture by Prof G. Comi

SESSION I: Values and limits of long-term clinical studies by William Carroll

Lecture by Maria Pia Sormani: Statistical problems

Lecture by Ludwig Kappos: Methodology of extension studies
Lecture by Liesbet Peeters: Big data handling
Lecture by Michael Lawton: The use of multi-level modelling to produce virtual placebo groups for long term assessment of MS drug effectiveness: experience from the risk sharing scheme

SESSION II: Long-lasting post-marketing studies in relapsing MS by Michel Clanet

Lecture by Bruce A. Cree: The UCSF experience
Lecture by Gloria Dalla Costa: Clinically isolated syndrome
Lecture by Pietro Iaffaldano: The Italian MS registry
Lecture by Juan Ignacio Rojas: RelevarEM: the first MS national registry in Argentina and LATAM


SESSION III: Progressive MS in post-marketing studies by Oscar Fernandez

Lecture by Johannes Lorscheider: Secondary Progressive MS
Lecture by Alessio Signori: Primary Progressive MS
Lecture by Gilles Edan: Relapse and disability progression in progressive MS: the EDMUS experience > not available
Lecture by Jan Hillert: The experience of the Swedish National Registry

SESSION IV: Extension studies of DMTs by Ariel Miller

Lecture by Hans-Peter Hartung: Interferons and GA
Lecture by Per Soelberg Sorensen: Oral treatments
Lecture by Xavier Montalban: Antibody treatments
Lecture by Eva Kubala Havrdov√°: Natalizumab and BMT

SESSION V: Long-term observation of diseases at the border of MS and pediatric MS
by Krzysztof Selmaj

Lecture by Jacqueline Palace: Anti-MOG

Lecture by Kazuo Fujihara: NMO Spectrum disorders
Lecture by Angelo Ghezzi: Pediatric MS
Lecture by Melinda Magyari: Nationwide real world experience with pediatric onset MS

SESSION VI: Assessing safety by Gilles Edan

Lecture by Sami L. Khella: Methodological aspect
Lecture by Mark Freedman: DMTs and infections
Lecture by Alexey Boyko: DMTs and risk of cancer
Lecture by Sandra Vukusic: DMTs and reproduction


SESSION VII: What long-term instrumental studies are telling us about impact of DMTs by Franz Fazekas

Lecture by Sven Schippling: OCT
Lecture by Letizia Leocani: EPS
Lecture by Franz Fazekas: Brain MRI
Lecture by Charidimos Tsagkas: Spinal cord MRI

SESSION VIII: Long-term effects of management of MS by Hans-Peter Hartung

Lecture by Patrick Vermersch: Patient reported outcomes
Lecture by Dawn Langdon: Long-term studies of cognitive dysfunctions in MS
Lecture by Bernard Uitdehaag: Fatigue
Lecture by Anthony Feinstein: Depression