Webinars of day 2 are now online

Dec 02, 2017

Watch the webinars of day 2, a webinar covering the AM program and a webinar covering the PM program.

Webinar AM program of day 2:

  • Session III: How the MS face has changed, chaired by K. Fujihara
    Lecture by G. Edan: Diagnostic criteria a never ending story
    Lecture by J. Cohen: Classification of disease courses
    Lecture by J. Palace: At the border of MS (NMOSD, ADEM, anti MOG)
    Lecture by Y. Hacohen: Distinguishing MOG antibody disease from childhood MS
  • Session IV: How to monitor disease evolution and treatment, chaired by A. Miller
    Lecture by F. Fazekas: Role of brain MRI
    Lecture by M. Filippi: Role of spiral cord MRI
    Lecture by M. Khalil: Body fluids
    Lecture by L. Leocani: Neurophysiological biomarkers included OCT and more

Webinar PM program of day 2: 

  • Session V: Clinical trials and outcome measures, chaired by A. Boyko
    Lecture by L. Kappos: Clinical trial designs
    Lecture by J. Hobart: Outcome measures
    Lecture by A. Solari: Patient reported outcomes
    Lecture by A. Ghezzi: Clinical trials in pediatric MS
  • Session VI: From no treatment to a complex treatment armamentarium, chaired by K. Selmaj
    Lecture by H.P. Hartung: The evolution of treatment for relapsing MS
    Lecture by X. Montalban: Do we really hit the phenomenon of progression with available treatment?
    Lecture by M. Trojano: Efficacy and effectiveness
    Lecture by B.M.J. Uitdehaag: Risk minimization in MS treatment