Webinar of day 1 is online

Dec 01, 2017

Watch the webinar of day 1 of the 25th Annual Meeting covering the:

  • XXV Opening Lecture by Prof G. Comi
  • Session I: About the causes of the disease chaired by Prof G. Ebers
    Lecture by A. Scalfari: Epidemiology
    Lecture by S. Sawcer: Genetic
    Lecture by A. Ascherio: Environmental factors
    Lecture by A. Moser: Mucosal biopsy shows immunologic changes of the colon in patients with early MS
  • Session II: The changing landscape of basic studies chaired by Prof M. Freedman
    Lecture by W. Brück: Pathology
    Lecture by H. Wekerle: From a T cell story to a complex immune mechanism
    Lecture by H. Lassmann: Pathophysiological mechanism in the various phases of the disease
    Lecture by R. Magliozzi: Intrathecal inflammatory profile and cortical damage can stratify MS patients