Alpine Symposium LIVE webinar on 13 November 2018

The ECF organises a LIVE symposium on a Multistakeholder Initiative for Patient Reported Outcomes in Luzern on the eve of the Annual Meeting, which will begin Thursday 15th November 2018 in Baveno, Italy.

Feel free to send in your question now or during the LIVE webinar on Tuesday 13th November!

Giancarlo Comi - November 13, 2018 11:00 AM CET
Luzern Bw

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Date: Tuesday 13 November 2018

Location: Radisson Blu in Lucerne Timing: 11h00 – 12h45


Chairman: G. Comi, N. Rijke

11:00 – 11:05: Introduction by Giancarlo Comi

11:05 – 11:20: What matters to patients by Mario Battaglia

11:20 – 11:40: Role of PRO in clinical practice by Jeremy Hobart

11:40 – 12:00: Role of PROs in clinical trials by Peter Rieckmann

12:00 – 12:20: PROs in registries by Damiano Paolicelli

12:20 – 12:40: The ECF/IFMS/FISM initiative by P. Zaratin

12:40 – 12:45: Closing remarks by Giancarlo Comi