Poster Viewing Sessions

Poster Viewing Sessions are organised on Monday 15, Tuesday 16, Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 November.

During those sessions, Young investigators will reply live and by chat to questions moderated by the session chairs following the broadcasting of their video recorded poster presentation via the live stream.

Title Location
Poster Viewing Session I - Basic Studies
Hans Lassmann, Ariel Miller
15:30 ID 4: Mitochondria in pathophysiology of innate immunity in multiple sclerosis
Mr João Marcos Brandet
15:35 ID 6: Serum CXCL13 Levels Associate with EDSS Score and Spinal Cord Lesion Number in MS
Dr Ezgi Vural
15:40 ID 15: Improving Motor Evoked Potential as preclinical marker of cortico-spinal conduction
Dr Valerio Castoldi
15:45 ID 19: Apathy and cognitive dysfunctions in Multiple Sclerosis: a 4-year follow-up study
Dr Simona Raimo
15:50 ID 22: Visual and motor evoked potentials in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
Ms Elena Rossi
15:55 ID 23: In vivo assessment of optic chiasm associated with Hespretin in demyelination model
Ms Saeideh Baradaran
16:00 ID 55: When MS doesn't give another chance: about 3 aggressive cases
Dr Houyam Tibar
16:05 ID 61: CD138+ Plasma cells but not CD20+ B cells exhibit cytotoxic behavior in MS patients
Dr Vinicius Boldrini
16:10 ID 62: CSF signature of cytotoxic T cells and MS-like lesions in a patient after COVID-19
Dr Vinicius Boldrini
16:15 ID 66: Microglial-axon contacts at the Node of Ranvier in Multiple Sclerosis and EAE
Dr Vasiliki Pantazou
16:20 ID 70: Fluoxetine modulates macrophages-induced Th17-immune response in multiple sclerosis
Dr Mikhail Melnikov
16:25 ID 71: Anti-Ganglioside Antibodies in Guillain-Barre Syndrome a novel panel essay
Mrs Yuanyuan Zhang
16:30 ID 72: Difference of cognitive impairment mode between HSP and MS
Dr Jin Bi
16:35 ID 73: Histological characterisation of staged lesion topography in the MS spinal cord
Mr Alex Waldman
16:40 ID 76: Dimethyl and monomethyl fumarate, and cannabidiol effects in neurons and microglia
Ms Alicia Sánchez Sanz
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Poster Viewing Session II - Clinical
Gilles Edan, Prof Dr Edgardo Cristiano
15:30 ID 5: Peripheral neuropathy as potential side effect of teriflunomide
Dr Serena Borrelli
15:35 ID 11: Sodium/potassium ratio as a conversion predictor from CIS to MS
Dr Marlene Arbeu-Reyes
15:40 ID 14: Quantify upper limb impairment in the ADL in people with Multiple Sclerosis
Dr Marco Pisa
15:45 ID 25: CONFIDENCE: Real-world effectiveness of ocrelizumab in relapsing MS over 18 months
Dr Julius Eggebrecht
15:50 ID 28: Exercise therapy as supplemental treatment in early multiple sclerosis: a RCT
Dr Morten Riemenschneider
15:55 ID 32: Humoral immune response to SARS-CoV2 vaccines in multiple sclerosis and controls
Prof Dr Gabriel Bsteh
16:00 ID 40: Prevalence of PTSD in Russian population of MS patients
Mr Ivan Kalinin
16:05 ID 41: Quality of life and fear of disease progression in MS patients with PTSD
Ms Mariia Andreeva
16:10 ID 49: Frequency of New Silent MRI lesions in MOGAD and AQP4-NMOSD
Dr Valentina Camera
16:15 ID 65: The impact of COVID-19 on patients with neuromyelitis optica beyond infection risk
Dr Hexiang Yin
16:20 ID 77: Long-term disability outcomes in multiple sclerosis: a 25-year follow-up study
Dr Sena Destan Bunul
Title Location
Poster Viewing Session III - Epidemiology
Prof Per Soelberg Sørensen, Maria Trojano
15:30 ID 9: The disease-modifying drugs for multiple sclerosis and association with survival
Dr Huah Shin Ng
15:35 ID 12: Low socioeconomic status is associated with a higher mortality risk in MS
Dr Floriane Calocer
15:40 ID 16: Multiple sclerosis disease-modifying drug use in immigrants vs long-term residents
Dr Jonas Graf
15:45 ID 17: Effects of vitamin D and body mass index on relapse hazard in multiple sclerosis
Ms Marijne Vandebergh
15:50 ID 27: Genetic and clinical risk factors for spasticity among people with MS
Ms Kelsi Smith
Dr Adriana Casallas Vanegas
16:00 ID 33: MS polygenic risk is not associated with white matter integrity in UK Biobank
Dr Cameron Watson
Dr Gloria Dalla Costa
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Poster Viewing Session IV - Investigations & Treatment
Hans-Peter Hartung, Oscar Fernández
15:30 ID 26: An imaging signature in choroid plexuses in pre-symptomatic multiple sclerosis
Dr Vito Ricigliano
15:35 ID 29: Functional brain states predict cognitive decline 5 years after a CIS
Dr Ismail Koubiyr
15:40 ID 34: Retinal thinning predicts relapse remission in relapsing multiple sclerosis
Prof Dr Gabriel Bsteh
15:45 ID 48: Resting-state and structural MRI metrics related to fatigue in MS, MOGAD and NMOSD
Dr Valentina Camera
15:50 ID 54: Natalizumab extended-interval dosing is associated with subtle inflammatory changes
Dr Marco Pisa
15:55 ID 64: Visual pathway damage evolution in multiple sclerosis related acute optic neuritis
Dr Simone Guerrieri
16:00 ID 68: USPIO-SWI showed vascular factors involved in "black holes" in multiple sclerosis
Dr Li-Jie Zhang
16:05 ID 74: Clinical and genetic features of MS in the Republic of Bashkortostan
Dr Timur Galiulin
16:10 ID 75: Humoral immune response to COVID-19 Vaccines in patients with MS on different DMTs
Dr Alexandra Akrivaki
16:15 ID 39: TDCS to prevent optic nerve damage and to promote remyelination in EAE mouse model
Dr Silvia Marenna
16:20 ID 46: Systemic corticosteroid therapy and visual outcome of ischemic optic neuropathy
Dr Sofia Bezerra de Oliveira Costa
16:25 ID 53: Characterisation of the immune system after ocrelizumab treatment in MS
Mrs Lien Beckers